We supply energy to companies, with business models that meet the real needs of each customer.

We develop and implement specific solutions, aiming at reducing costs and reducing consumption with sustainability.

We are committed to taking part in the environmental challenges of our time.


Companies can buy energy from alternative suppliers (marketers) by paying lower prices and without changes in the way of supply and consumption.

Around 30% of the energy consumed in Brazil is acquired through this model, known as the Free Energy Market.


What we do?

  • Feasibility study
  • Supply of electricity
  • Management of energy supply agreements
  • Management of contracts, regulatory agencies and demand variations
  • Market intelligence for forward buying


TBP develops and implements high-impact specific solutions related to energy and sustainability.

We believe that personalized studies that integrate the needs of each company with the solutions available in the market are critical success factors.


What we do?

  • We provide solutions in solar energy and high efficiency equipment.
  • We evaluate the facilities and sources of consumption.
  • We invest in high efficiency equipment / systems.
  • Remuneration based on the% of the real economy generated or according to the needs of the client.

 TBP Energia is a company focused on bringing a complete solution in the purchase and use of energy B2B.


 Our staff is composed by people with expertise on the electricity sector and operates in accordance with the best practices of financial markets. The result is an effective work and a variety of solutions on the energy trade.


 We focus our efforts on understanding the needs of our clients and based on this, bring the most appropriate solutions, adding excellence in evaluation with excellence in implementation.


TBP Energia covers nationwide teritory.


Phone/Whatsapp: +5511 93367 5818

Rua Jesuíno Arruda, 769 8º andar • Itaim Bibi • 04532 082 São Paulo/SP • Brasil

Email: tbp@tbpenergia.com

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